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How far are we from getting Our defense to play Like San Fran?

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 02:27 AM

Can't say the chargers had a lot of talent on their defense when rivera had them #1.

A few role players, some depth, and getting our guys back....
With an off season and training camps....

We'll get better.

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 03:32 AM

I am definately in the glass half full side where it comes to our D. Get Beason and Edwards back, that's two. Get two starters from the draft, that's four. Four new starters for a D that was, until NO dismantled it, playing rather well towards the end of the year. A full offseason of growth, practice, experience, and a purge of all that is negative. And this D can be good enough to make us scary good.

Hey, I know that two starters from the draft is wishful thinking. I was actually thinking three. Kirkpatrick (sp) in the first. Worthy in the second. So with luck, a FS or LB later in the draft very well could put us where we need to go.

Our D is chock full of depth. We need to add starters and ball hawkers. The only way to beat a good O is to limit their possessions. You can only force so many three and outs. You HAVE to be able to cause turnovers as well. Which is something this team does not do very well.

Just my thoughts. And GOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 03:49 AM

He's the best D lineman in the draft. The team might have to bite the bullet and take him because he's the best player available at a need position. If we draft a defensive player in the top 10, It's going to be Claiborne, Kirkpatrick or Coples.

You don't bite the bullet with a top 10 pick thats stupid. Jamal Anderson was the best Dlinemen his year also how that work out?:eek:

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 04:20 AM

He's the best D lineman in the draft. The team might have to bite the bullet and take him because he's the best player available at a need position. If we draft a defensive player in the top 10, It's going to be Claiborne, Kirkpatrick or Coples.

Devon Still is better.

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 08:04 AM

Both the Giants and the Niners prove that it is all about the front four.

We have one piece out of four on our d-line that is above average.

The other three spots need to be seriously looked at and evaluated.

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 08:12 AM

Aldon Smith, Bowman, and Willis are insane. Best linebacker combo I've ever seen. Safeties were playing sound football too. I hope they win it all. Or Giants, or anyone except the Pats really.

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 08:29 AM

\/ This far

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 08:48 AM

Well, once we don't start 3 guys on the DL that should be backups...... that will be a good start

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 09:15 AM

I don't think we're too far, talent-wise. We need a solid CB opposite Gamble. We need healthy Linebackers (and probably another OLB to hedge against another Davis injury). It would be nice to see a new FS, but I'm not counting on that until I see it happen. There should be ample opportunity to meet all three needs in both Free Agency and the draft, so there's no reason to think that we won't be in decent shape come training camp.

Once we're there, we have to really get our guys coached up better. We need improvement out of our young DTs. That should happen, most DTs that aren't taken in the top ten don't really come on until their second or third year anyway. We need for Martin to play smarter. He's got the physical skills all day, but mental mistakes kill him, and the defense, far too often. I don't see that happening unless he puts in a ton of film and classroom work. And we need to get the defense playing well as a unit.

Finally, we need a better attitude. SF played with a serious attitude, as if every yard surrendered was a personal insult. That will improve a lot once Beason is back, but I would love to see someone with that sort of enforcer mind-set in the secondary. I also think that Netwon's attitude in the locker room is going to have a spill-over effect on defense and special teams next year.

The bottom line is, we should be a lot better next year. How much better is going to rest with our coaching staff and linebacker play. If we stay healthy and they buy into McDermott's system, then we should look almost completely different on that side of the ball. And with our offense, we really don't have to be great, just middle-of-the-pack will be good enough.

I don't recall a single off season where I've been this ready to see the Panthers play again. Things are just going to get better and better, and even though we're not in the playoffs I don't think there's ever been as much promise in Carolina. :)

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 09:17 AM

We don't use British English, it's American English here!!!


American English is my favourite. Especially when I go to purchase tyres for my automobile.

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 09:31 AM

about 20 billion lightyears away...

IMO, Not really.

What we already have:
Jon Beason--He is the leader. Without him, it is just 11 guys and not a unit.
Thomas Davis--IF (big IF) He returns to form, imagine all the runs outside of C gap on the WLB side that went for big gainers would have been tackles for loss. I do not see Davis as the long term solution, but maybe he can hold it down until we find a stud OLB.
Brandon Hogan--Do not discount the CB play until you know what we have in Hogan. What I found interesting about Hogan is this: He played a lot the last 2 games, but people watching on TV barely noticed. In the NFL if a green rookie CB comes into the game, people usually notice. Butler and Munnerlyn are nothing more that nickel/dimers. Do not be shocked to see Sherrod Martin moved to CB.
Defensive Tackles--Many think we need a DT desperately. I disagree, in part. Many of the long runs up the middle were due to the fact that the LBs were not there. Look over the roster and see how many we had playing. At the end of the season, Kearse and Shirley did well vs. weaker teams. If Fua and McClain develop, we add Edwards (he will be cut in 2013-contract reasons), we are decent. Neblett seems to hand around. What we need is an inside bull rusher, but I saw flashes. I would bring in a veteran, however.

What we need:
FS: Maybe firing Meeks will change this, but Safeties face the action. We need a smart QB-type back there. Martin is a confused, finesse player who has poor mechanics that leads to missed tackles. A finesse player should rarely miss a tackle in exchange for not punishing the ball carrier. I think we go FS in the second round of the draft OR go free agent.
DE: Since Hardy didn't really step up, we have to wonder. Most dominant 4-3defenses have at least 2 awesome pass rushers. Although I like Keiser, he is a rotational player, as Hardy could very well be. Applewhite? He has 7 career sacks, 2 this season (Half of what Keiser had in three times the playing time). I see DE as a bigger need than DT.
WR: We are not that bad here, but we are not getting the most out of Steve Smith outside. Put him in the slot, let him go over the middle (that has been opened up by legitimate threats on the outside) and he is better. In addition, he is 33, so we are on borrowed time with him. Gettis could be an outside threat, but never a #1. Lafell either. Naanee, if he re-signs, is what he is. We need a top gun.
OT: People do not realize that OT is our biggest need. Byron Bell was not good. Good for an undrafted rookie, but not good for a team with playoff aspirations. He would be a helluva RG. Gross is 32 or so and Otah has played 4 games in 2 years. What is it that people do not get about this need? "WE NEED DEFENSE!!!" they cry. Yes, we do. And we will even more if Cam goes down. PROTECT THE FRANCHISE PLAYER. How stupid will they look when Cam is carted off the field because they left an undrafted rookie with bad feet and a holding problem at RT? "But Otah will be back. He wanted to play this year" 330 pound people with bad knees tend to continue to have bad knees. T is hard on the knees. Not for Long if he does. Still, draft a LT since you are in the top 10. You have options then. If Otah is healthy, Gross needs a replacement soon. Otah is in a contract year. He will want more than he is worth.

So, we are a FS, OLB, and OT away from being good. A pass rushing DE, veteran DT, and a top WR would be nice. I have a feeling you didn't read this far, though.

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 09:45 AM

I read that far. Not sure that Hardy is the weak link you make him out to be. He's got a decent rush, what I've seen is a general lack of strength against the run (he's good in pursuit though). And I don't think that Martin will be moved to CB. Other than that, I pretty much agree. :)