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Newton NFC's secret weapon?

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From nfl.com:


HONOLULU — When Cam Newton goes long to catch a deep pass in Sunday’s Pro Bowl, remember where you heard it first.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Panthers’ QB was hamming it up with the military personnel on hand for Thursday’s practice at Hickam Air Force Base and was the star of the show.

Newton was sent out to return an Andy Lee punt, which he proceeded to drop, much to the dismay of the hundreds looking on. Newton later closed out the practice by lining up wide and catching a nicely thrown ball, about 50 yards down the sideline, from Aaron Rodgers.

“Did you see that?” Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings said afterward. “He looks really fluid and natural. It’s kind of scary.”

But Jennings doesn’t intend to lose “valuable” practice time to Newton.

“As a receiver, we’re the prima donnas,” Jennings said. “Cam, you can’t take reps from us. But there might be something that we can throw out there.”

Is Jennings forecasting a secret weapon?

Read more: http://blogs.nfl.com/2012/01/26/scam-newton-nfc-may-or-may-not-have-a-secret-weapon/?module=HP11_content_stream/

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Twig-like armanti managed not to get hurt doing it, i think cam could handle it in the pro bowl once.

Let's not take the chance, Cam is not a returner or a receiver, which he'd probably be successful at doing both, but he's a NFL Quarterback.

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i don't want him even playing in this stupid pointless game.

the dude is the franchise's future. why risk it on some showboat ego stroking meaningless game?

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