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sahid kahn would have drafted tebow because...

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...emotion trumps rationality.

“100 percent I would have. Absolutely,” Khan said when asked if he would have selected the Jacksonville native. “The first Jaguars game I came to was in ’10, we played Denver here. There were a lot more The Golden Calf of Bristol jerseys in the Jaguars stands than the teal jerseys for any player, let’s face it. You hate to get into 20/20 hindsight and finger pointing, but certainly if I had anything to do with it. We probably won’t have a chance like that again.”

Khan was so interested in the Jacksonville-The Golden Calf of Bristol question that he asked the personnel departments of both the Jaguars and Rams whether The Golden Calf of Bristol was worth a first-round pick. Neither thought that highly of The Golden Calf of Bristol, but Khan still was not sold.

“There comes a time when emotion trumps rationality,” Khan said. “And this, if I was an owner, would be one of those moments for me.”

if denver makes The Golden Calf of Bristol available at some point i'd expect the jags to be the biggest contenders for him.

can't be worse than yo gabba gabbert. they might even have to pull the tarps off the seats.

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Sounds like something Jerry Jones would say/do.

If that's an indicator of how he'll approach things, this has "train wreck" written all over it.

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you think Denver could swing The Golden Calf of Bristol and a third rounder for Jacksonville's 1st?

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