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Former Panther, Evan Mathis, does an entertaining AMA on Reddit

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Evan Mathis of the Eagles is currently on Reddit doing an AMA. It is actually pretty damn entertaining, so I thought I'd share. I'll post a few of the questions and answers, but I'll leave the link so you can see everything yourself and ask your own, if you want.

AMA = Ask Me Anything

I'll start with a couple of the ones relevant to the Panthers.

Q: This is awesome! Best stadium to play in not in Philly? Most challenging DT/DE/LB to block or pick up in blitz protection? Genuine 'nicest guy' in the NFL?

Last thing I want to know is how dirty things get in the bottom of scrums when five dudes all try and jump on a fumble? Is there really gouging or finger torquing or poo like that going on?

A: I've played everywhere except San Francisco. I played in Dallas for the first time this year and that plays is very nice except they didn't have automatic flushers on the visiting bathroom toilets.

Nicest guy goes to Jordan Gross.

Not as much as you would think. I've never had it done to me nor would I do that to anybody else.


Q: Favorite teammate ever? Worst/funniest trash talk you've heard? Best and worst part about playing in the NFL?

A: Jordan Gross.

When I played for the Panthers we were playing the Eagles and Keyshawn Johnson was saying the weirdest things to Juqua. I forget exactly what it was but it was something about comparing bank account size and private jet use.

Best part: Living my lifelong dream. Worst part: Taking years off of my life.


Q: What's the biggest dinosaur you think you cold kill with primitive weapons? Traps aren't allowed; it's like a fight in a football stadium. You don't have to name any specific dinosaurs, just give a size.

A: Okay, so I'm in a football stadium but there's a 20 foot tall tree on the 50 yard line. I am in said tree with a two foot sharpened rock blade. A Tyrannosaurus makes his way to the tree. He gets within a few feet and I jump off onto the top of his head. I stab his head as hard as I can but nothing happens. He starts to move his head around and I struggle for balance. He is trying to grab me but isn't coming close. I gather myself, rear back, and impale his eye with the blade. He lets out a loud, painful roar. I reach in his eye socket, grab his brain, and rip it out like Kano would a heart. He falls to the ground. I run with his brain to the end zone and fulfill a lifelong dream by scoring the first touchdown of my entire career.


Q: 1) People talk about you as the prototype for someone who benefits from Howard Mudds scheme. Can you give us a better idea of some specific things he preaches that are vastly different? Most of the conventional wisdom doesn't go any farther than "he likes smallish guys".

2) How important is chemistry between you and your neighbors?

3) How much of a beast is Jason Peters?

A: 1. He doesn't like smaller guys, he likes athletes. More often than not it's just guys that aren't 340 who are the athletes. Take 40 pounds off of 340 player and I'll guarantee you he can move better. Howard's techniques are aggressive. It's not sitting back, it's attacking. A primitive caveman like myself thrives when I can attack somebody on every single play.

2. Very. Communication is critical to offensive line success.

3. If there's anybody you could consider a natural tackle in the NFL its Jason Peters. Extremely athletic for his size and willing to work to refine his techniques. He's the best in the game right now.


ANYWAY... there are way more questions and answers on the site. I enjoyed it and thought I would share. Would be cool to see a Panther do one of these.... I could see one of the RBs doing it for sure.

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That's awesome talking to a celebrity. I brought Robert Redford his mail once. Good questions btw.

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i copied and pasted the OP in the main tank to a thread already there.

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