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New Under Armour Ad Featuring Cam

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Good read!


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's late on a clear, brisk evening when Cam Newton's shiny black SUV rolls to a stop inside the deserted loading dock at Bank of America Stadium. A wisp of smoke swirls into the inky darkness as the Panthers' record-breaking Rookie of the Year QB grabs his backpack and pulls on the hood of his red windbreaker. He glances to the left, deep into the dark, empty tunnels of the stadium. Then, even more dramatically, to the right. Newton unlatches the door, leans into it with his shoulder and places his sparkling, black and red Under Armour shoes down on the concrete. He moves slowly, and with purpose, as if recreating the original moon landing.

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Damn everything is pretty much removed from the stadium I'm guessing for the logo change, anyway good commercial!

More likely because if Under Armour uses team or NFL logos, they have to pay a fee. It's the same reason you see athletes like Eli Manning appearing in generic uniforms in other ads.

As to the ad itself, pretty cool :thumbsup:

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We got us a John Henry at QB. Cameron is a STAR. The kid was born to do this.

"I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon" :cam:

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