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GS4 Mock Draft

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Posted 03 March 2012 - 01:02 AM

This is my first official mock draft and, yes, it will probably seem similar to some others. However, this is all my own work and reasoning through extensive research.

Also, there are two possibilities of this draft. After doing a lot of research, it seems to me to be very possible that the Bucs will take Trent Richardson with there pick and that could very likely lead to Morris Claiborne dropping to the 9th pick. However, if the Bucs were to take Claiborne, it is very likely that Richardson will fall to 9 and we could potentially trade out of the 9 spot into the Bengals' 17th slot. This mock trade would also net us the Bengals' 2012 3rd round pick and some 2013 pick. Without further ado, I present the GS4 mock.

Round 1 pick 9- Morris Claiborne CB

Posted Image

This is assuming that the Bucs take Trent Richardson. Everyone already knows the deal with Claiborne so there is no need to be repetitive.

*Round 1 pick 17- David DeCastro OG

Posted Image

This is the potential pick if the Bucs take Claiborne and a reasonable price allows us to take the 17 pick off of Cincy's hands. DeCastro is a guy with a lot of potential and could really solidify the offensive line. He could likely come in and start early. This is obviously not a sexy pick but is efficient and has positive value (moreso than taking any other position at 9 if Claiborne is off the board, IMO)

Round 2 pick 8- Vinny Curry DE

Posted Image

This guy just seems to have it. I've fell in love with this pick since I began doing research. He needs to work a little bit on defending the run as well as keeping leverage on the pass rush but he has a load of potential. Plus he seems to have a never-ending motor. I believe he could be a long time starter at DE opposite CJ and allow Greg Hardy to bring in quality depth.

*Round 3 pick 21- Casey Hayward CB


This pick also comes from the Cincy trade. Hayward has a good bit of potential here. He needs to work on his man coverage skills but has shown flashes throughout his career. He is a playmaker and has a nose for the ball. One particular game that comes into mind was this past season's Vandy-Arkansas game. Hayward had 6 pass deflections while at least 5 could have very easily been interceptions. This pick would add more CB depth and allow competition between Hayward and Hogan (and Captain by default) with the best winning the #2 job, and the other two battling for the nickel spot.

Round 4 pick 8- Brandon Taylor S

Posted Image

Safety out of LSU was possibly the most underrated player on that defense. He really has a nose for the ball and can light some guys up. There is a lot of potential here with health being a minor concern. Best case scenario would have Taylor and Godfrey sharing the FS and SS positions (both are interchangeable) and worst case scenario is Taylor adding quality depth at both safety spots (although he probably fits SS better than FS).

Round 5 pick 9- Antonio Allen OLB

Posted Image

Call me a homer all you want but this guy is the real deal. He is a big guy who is trying to make it in the NFL as a safety. However, he fits OLB perfectly and that's what I have him slotted as. These would not be issues at all if he were playing closer to the line similar to what he played in Columbia (hybrid S-OLB "Spur"). His major concerns are about speed and coverage ability (as a safety). However, he is terrific in run support and is known for shutting down safeties (Orson Charles and Dwayne Allen for example). Not to mention that he is a straight playmaker. Anytime that a big play occurred on defense it was either Allen or Ingram. Not to mention that he had 3 straight regular season games with a defensive TD between 2010 and 2011. According to him, he has never missed a tackle in his career and he takes pride in his sure tackling.

Round 6 pick 8- Josh Oglesby OT

Posted Image

An offensive lineman from Wisconsin. That right there says a lot. Oglesby can be dominant at times but also be sloppy at times. He has a lot of potential but is a major project. However, being 6'7" 338 pounds helps. Lot to work with here and worst case scenario you miss on a 6th round pick. Best case scenario you find a guy who could potentially take over one of the tackle spots.

Round 7 pick 9- Shaun Powell/Drew Butler P
Punters. Preferably Powell but if for some reason he is gone, then Butler. Good punters. Not much more you can say.

If Tampa takes Richardson and Claiborne is available at pick 9:
1) Morris Claiborne
2) Vinny Curry
4) Brandon Taylor
5) Antonio Allen
6) Josh Oglesby
7) Shaun Powell/Drew Bulter

If Tampa takes Claiborne, Richardson is available at pick 9 and a reasonable offer is taken by Cincy:
1) David DeCastro
2) Vinny Curry
3) Casey Hayward
4) Brandon Taylor
5) Antonio Allen
6) Josh Oglesby
7) Drew Butler

It's inevitable that people are going to bring up the lack of DTs in my mock. My argument for this is that we have one guy who is coming off an injury and could potentially fill one hole. We also could potentially sign Garay from SD (who I admittedly know little about). On top of that we have two guys who were rookies in Fua and McClain who will be getting their first offseason workouts and training this year. While you can expect them to get better even after the 2012 season, this season should be a good measuring stick for their potential.

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#2 stirs


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 01:44 AM

You are assuming that Buffalo wants Richardson? Why else would the Bengals trade with us. Fact is, the Bengals can sit at 17 and he will probably drop in their lap

#3 GamecockSmitty4


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 02:09 AM

I'm not assuming that the Bills would pick him. For one, the Jets would likely pick him up at 16 if he were there. In that scenario, Cincy would have to move up to at least 15. This would likely cost them their 17 and 3rd rd or so pick. Why not move all the way up to 9 and be more confident that you get him (or anyone else who could potentially fall for that matter) than giving up the same amount for, say pick 13. That particular trade revolves around the fact that the value for Carolina at 17 (plus an additional pick) is pretty much the same if not better than the value at 9. This is all based on my evaluations of the players who could potentially be left at 9 if Tampa took Claiborne. Basically, I'd rather have DeCastro + Hayward over any of Brockers, Still, Ingram, Kirkpatrick, etc. In that case, Carolina (at least if I were in charge [hence the "mock" part]) would be willing to give up the 9 pick for a similar package that would land Cincy pick ~13.

With that being said, there's still the (likely) possibility that Tampa selects TR and Claiborne falls to 9.

Sorry if this is confusing. I've had 2 hours of sleep the past couple of days and this all makes sense to me in my tired mind. Insomnia sucks balls.

#4 Johnny Kilroy

Johnny Kilroy

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Posted 03 March 2012 - 09:10 AM

Brandon Taylor was an unsung hero in that firs game between Bama and LSU. But his natural position is SS, if I am not mistaken.

EDiT: Oops, just read what you acknowledged he was a SS.

#5 guffeyp



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Posted 03 March 2012 - 09:58 AM

Antonio Allen won't be available in the 5th round. He ran a 4.67, which is fast enough for safety. Also, he is nowhere big enough to play olb in nfl. I am also a Carolina fan, but the only player I would draft is Gilmore and maybe sign Watkins or Robertson if undrafted. This is taking into consideration their projected draft position, otherwise, I would take all of them. I like your mock with the trade a lot better even though I love Claiborne. I think someone else takes him even if the bucs don't.

#6 MHS831


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 11:45 AM

I would love this draft . Improbable, but aren't they all?

#7 koolkatluke


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Posted 04 March 2012 - 12:33 AM

I love this fantasy draft. Well all expect Decastro. I really don't want a oline men this year.

#8 Pejorative Miscreant

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Posted 06 March 2012 - 09:53 PM

I don't like decastro with the first pick. He may be good but its a wasted opportunity. There is still a lot of defense on the board. Will be very suprised if we don't go pass rush or db in the first.

#9 JawnyBlaze


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Posted 07 March 2012 - 02:59 AM

Not a bad draft except if we're trading all the way down to #17 that 2013 pick had better be a 1st. Otherwise, I'd expect at least this year's 1st and 2nd and next year's 2nd.

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