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Texas Rep "Stumps" Energy Sec Chu, Is Actually a Complete Bumbling Idiot

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from Texas Rep Joe Barton's twitter

I seemed to have baffled the Energy Sec with basic question - Where does oil come from? Check out the video: http://bit.ly/O4m0p #tcot


Barton: Dr. Chu, I don’t wanna leave you out, umm, you’re our scientist, I have one simple question for you in the last six seconds: how did all the oil and gas get to Alaska and under the Arctic Ocean? [rests chin on hand]

Chu: [laughs] This is a complicated story, but oil and gas is a result of hundreds of millions of years of geology and in that time, also, the plates have, uh, moved around. And so, it’s the combination of where the sources of the oil and gas are …

Barton: [interrupting] But I mean wouldn’t it obvious [sic] that at one time it was a lot warmer in Alaska and on the North Pole? It it it wasn’t a big pipeline that we created in Texas and shipped it up there and then put it underground so we could now pump it out and ship it back.

Chu: No. There are, there is, continental plates that have been drifting around, uh, throughout the geological ages …

Barton: So it just drifted up there?

Chu: Uhhh, that’s certainly what happened. Uh, and so, it’s a result of things like that.


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Eh, they're both kind of right. Polar regions were much warmer millions of years ago. The continents have also obviously spread, and when plates collide, surface matter gets shoved beneath another plate. There is plenty of evidence that antarctica was once in the tropics:


There are also theories out there that our current north and south poles have not always been at the places they are on the planet and that there have been completely different axes of rotation over time. Meaning that tropical areas today could have been polar areas long ago.

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Obviously. :)

Yes, it's pretty obvious which side of this conversation had a hollow agenda. But I thought it was worth pointing out.

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