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No Worries

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No worries about reading a thread with no topic and a bad link.

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    • You are responsible for you. If you let anyone outside of you determine and control your actions and responses then we have bigger fish to fry. How we respond to crap and adversity is what makes or breaks you.  
    • Mike Pence used AOL.  A O f'ing L.  Get off the Hillary emails bro.  Bigger, more orange fish to fry.  
    • For everyone thinking trade down, what does Gettleman like to say:  "I'd rather have a quarter than two dimes." The ONLY reason I think that Gettleman would be open to trading down is if he thinks he can get a better value according to him.  Like (continuing his coin based values), if he has the first 10 picks at half dollars, and then the top 50 players as quarters, if he could turing $.50 into $.75 or more than $1.00...he's be foolish in his own right. It just depends on how he values guys.  Either way, I'm thrilled about this draft!