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New Forum = New Attitudes

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The Panthers have possibly more promise now for the future than ever. We have a SuperStar in the making QB, a young core of players signed long term, and hopes for the future.

Yet, the forum as a whole is more aggressive, trollish, just plain meaner than ever. I don't understand why.

As such, I have grown weary of this dbaggyness. The new forum system has given the Mods and Admin new and exciting ways to ban you and generally be rid of those who have long walked the lines of trolling and more importantly ruining MY forum browsing experience.

Stop being dicks to each other.

Enjoy that we have some form of hope for the future.

Be fuging civil.

When I start banting you don't cry out for help. Zod has given me unmitigated power to be rid of you ignorant trolls who get their funsies trying to bring others down, I will use this power to stroke my already massive internet ego/penis.


Thanks for Playing

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