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Did I Make A Virtual Wrong Turn?

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Wow! For a minute I thought this was the Saints forum (with no less than eight Saints-related topics on the front page as of this writing). Then I realized that I used my bookmark, so this has to be the Carolina Huddle, the number one place on the Web to discuss the Carolina Panthers, among an elite sect of a highly knowlegdeable Panthers fans. Of course some Saints infiltrators could have infected my laptop with a virus, or otherwise be doing a Jedi mind trick on unsuspecting Huddlers. Sheesh!

The situation with the Saints can truly be encapsulated in three words that roll poetically off our lips, have always been known, and have been exclaimed thousands of times over the life of their pitiful excuse of an organization; three words that even Breesus can't save them from, or a cosmic mistake of a Lombardi trophy can't overcome: The Saints suck!

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so you start a new Saints thread?

How did I know that this would be the first response? Truly.

Doesn't invalidate the spirit behind the post, Of course you have to talk about a problem in order to face the problem. It seems that the Huddle needs a black and gold intervention. Is this truly abount the Saints, or is it about the fact that other than Saints-related boards (which shall remain nameless for obvious reasons in this place), the Huddle seems to have more of a conglomeration of Saints' threads than anywhere else on the Web?

Time to move on, loosen the gold of its foothold, and let the teal flow.

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The saints conducted a bounty against players on the PANTHERS. Sapp accused Shockey in his last season, was a PANTHER.

C'mon man they're division rivals and I am going to love see them hit rock bottom. In this slow off season there's not much to talk about. Also there will be more threads once player suspensions are given :)

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Its the offseason. I don't think talking about the biggest story of the offseason when our division rival is the focus is out of line at all.

If this was a game week or even training camp, I would be annoyed.

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