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Cam For An Early First

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yeah and then after that we can trade Smitty for some crayons...

Bet we'd get a decient DE for Smith.

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    •   possible something maybe preventable   you're flailing   The GOP couldn't come up with anything during FOUR YEARS of a Benghazi witch hunt, except how the attack was labeled hours after the events occurred. 
    • I'm fine with educating, but one must truly comprehend the ramifications of their ideology. You can't be a grown adult, and have awful social views, and expect everyone to hold your hand along the way. This isn't the first ignorant remark that person in particular has made here by a long shot. If anyone wants to help him, they aren't going to do so by coddling him considering he is in his thirties. By that point in age or development as a human being, a fundamental change of philosophy is not something that is just going to change overnight or with a stern talking to.
    • Really? You can line up Fournette as a slot receiver and he can produce there?!