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Any predictions on the ACC next year?

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If Henderson leaves the ACC will be very young with the exception of Duke. I would have to think Duke would be the favorite in the ACC next season with Carolina behind them.

Then the rest of the ACC is a complete mystery....VT will be much improved, Clemson is really only losing Rivers, Wake loses Teague, FSU loses everybody, McClinton is gone, Rice is gone, Vasquez is gone

My standings look like this













ACC only puts in 4 teams in the Tournament next season, maybe 5 with Wake

Duke will have a #1 seed

Carolina will be a #3 seed

VT, Clemson and Wake will be a #6-12 seed

Granted if Wall goes to Duke or somehow ends up at Carolina(Hypothetically, for sake of argument) then that changes a lot....Duke def will win the ACC and be #1 with the chance of contending for the NC....Carolina gets him you could possibly flip flop Carolina and Duke. Carolina gets the #1 seed and Duke either gets #1 or #2 seed

Also, if you put Wall to NCSU I think that places NCSU up the standings to maybe 4th -6th

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I think the Heels have definite question marks, especially in the backcourt. I think Henderson is gone and that will affect dook's athleticism, which was lacking and they also have PG problems. The experience factor will be huge for them, though...I think Wake is going to be pretty good still. Clemson will be a factor and Miami could be OK.

Nationally, KU and Michigan State are going to be friggin good.

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granted VT depending on how they play could finish as high as 3rd, but I could see them being the team in 5th possibly looking in from the outside of the Tournament. I think 3-5th could go any way. The only def in my book are the bottom 3....UVA is complete garbage, Maimi relied way too much on McClinton and do not have anybody else to step up, and FSU just lost too much of their team

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this has and will be the only year I worry about the ACC/Big 10 Challenge

People that thought the ACC wasn't good last season will feast on the ACC this coming season

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^ I really don't get caught up in the outside perceptions of the league. ABCer's have pretty much killed any conference rooting for me. And anyway, the Heels don't seem to need any ACC support to be THE top program in the country.

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