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New Deal For Steve Smith

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 07:38 PM

I know this Steven Smith guy is okay but David Gettis should of got a big contract he is da true super star of this team.

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 11:15 PM

I am not moaning or bitching.....people are bitching bc I wanted to know what type numbers Hurney did.

Carolina hasn't overpaid? You claim I have no way of knowing that and then state many essentually have cut us a deal by signing for cheaper? Seems like selective logic being applied....

Pretty sure Jake, Godfrey, Williams, CJ were all overpaid by various degrees and for various reasons. Gamble was overpaid on his last deal....They attempted to overpay Peppers coming off a pathetic season that would have made him the highest paid defensive guy in the league

Who took less than market value to play here? Name one starter.

Name one Starter? Steve Smith.

That was to easy.

When I said, you don't know what your talking about, I was referring to you saying, that there is no way our guys would have gotten those contracts else where. So how do you know this? Ya don't. You are assuming.

It's really all about perspective. Which you obviously don't look at the contracts with much. Knowing the free agent market sets the value for contracts, that's the perspective I go by.

Lets start with a few guys you selected. Heck, lets start with everybody's favorite overpaid Panther.

D. Williams. The most productive back in Panther history. Still has a good set of wheels on him, despite the fact that he came out of college with more mileage than any other back, period. Read what I just said. I admit, when we drafted Williams, I had my doubts about the guy, cause of how heavily he was used at Memphis. Sure, he has never been asked to carry the load himself in the NFL. No running back should be asked to do that anymore. Running backs have the shortest career of ANY position in the NFL. Williams is still productive.
Do you know what the top 5 paid running backs in the league are? Let's just go with the top 2. One is a $60 million dollar man, and the other is right behind, at mid $50 million. Yes, both those running backs are used heavily by their teams, but the simple concept is ya pay your play makers.
$34 million isn't much for a running back like D. Williams. If he had hit the open market, he easily would have commanded more than that by a team hungry for a veteran, play making running back, whom doesn't have the NFL mileage of the typical NFL running back of his ability.

I know, the #1 argument is that we have Stewart. Get over that. Hurney learned a long time ago, that you can NEVER have to many good running backs. Guess you forgot that hard lesson. I haven't. This is a passing league! About time you noticed. During the Panthers run to the 2003 Superbowl, their offense had more deep passes/big plays than any other team in the league. I remember that stat, but go look it up if you don't believe me. While the offense did rely heavily on Davis's legs to get to the playoffs, once there, the Panthers had one of the most balanced attacks throughout the playoffs. This was back in the day of the dreaded John Fox! Man, how can that man have allowed the Panthers to pass that much? lol
Hurney kept he best back field combination in the NFL together. Yes it cost some money, all players do.

If D. Williams hit the open market, he would have gotten more money.

Charles Johnson.
He was the best defensive end on the free agent market. Pass rushers are a premium. He didn't even get Peppers money. Yet he's overpaid. Market set the price. I predicted his contract would be that big. I know most of you just laughed it off, but damn, I ended up being right. That's cause it's easy to predict the contracts when you understand the simple concept of supply and demand.

Godfrey is overpaid? Since he never hit the open market, that is certainly up for debate. I know with most Panther fans hating on Godfrey, even though he plays no worse than Minter did, that they will constantly undervalue Godfrey.

When was Jake overpaid? He earned the AVERAGE of a starting QB in the NFL. That's overpaid? lol
I know, most fans are still rabid, that Hurney, gave Jake an extension at all, after that playoff performance against the cardinals. Jake was on the downhill side of his career. BUT, the Panthers needed money to sign their rookies. They also didn't have a replacement for Jake on the team. So the reality was, Jake was going to be the guy at least for another year, if not more. So they gave him an extension to reduce his cap hit, so we can sign the rookies. The #'s sounded big, but he never saw most of it. He got his signing bonus, and then the base salary of that next year. They cut him in a year, that his cap hit wouldn't hurt the team. Pretty smart move, despite how difficult of a decision is was for the entire front office. I'll admit, I've been critical of Jake most of his career. His happy feet, drove me crazy. If he hadn't hopped around so much, he would have been much more accurate. Oh well.
If you want to say Jake being paid the average of an starting NFL QB, is overpaid, then that is your delusion.

Market sets the prices.
Defensive ends, corner backs, safeties, are always going to command more money than they are worth, even in my eyes. That doesn't make them overpaid. It's the nature of the beast, that is the NFL, with free agency. There is no going back. It's only going to get worse.

Also no one contract prevented the Panthers from making any moves this free agency. Hurney knows what he's doing. He knows how to make money, when it seems like there is none. If there was a guy that the coach wanted bad enough, hurney would have made it happen.

Let's get back to Steve Smith. He has signed 2 extensions, previous to the one today.
Both times, he was signed well below the market value for a receiver of his ability. I remember his first contract extension, when he was still getting better, and he was signed for $10 million less than market value. At that time, he was arguably the best receiver in the game. I remember him saying it wasn't about the money, but about wanting to play for the Panthers, for Richardson (whom is a father figure to him),
to play with Jake. How quickly so many fans forget. He could have gotten much more anywhere else.

The last time he signed an extension, once again, it was below market value. He was still in him prime. He could have easily commanded more money.

Now in the later part of his career, no, he is no longer worth what he once was. He still has value. In this offense, with Cam, he has shown he is still explosive. His passion for the game is not measurable. His desire to compete, is among the greats.

I'm glad he's going to be a Panther for life.
It's too bad the Panthers overpaid him, with his $18 million upfront.

You'll forever be jaded.

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 11:38 PM

Even if Charles Johnson was overpaid, who cares? It was either let our top pass rusher coming off a 11.5 sack season at 25 years old (and there was no reason to believe it was a one year thing either; he had shown so much in '08 and in '09 before he got injured which slowed him down) hit the market and leave us with, by far, the worst defensive line in the league or do whatever it took to bring him back so our already crappy defense didn't suck even more.

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 12:15 AM


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Posted 11 April 2012 - 08:49 AM

Good morning CRA.

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 08:06 PM

thanks for responding ....