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Coples Vs. Derrick Harvey (08' Draft Bust)

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Is this a better Apples To Apples comparison?JAMAAL ANDERSON or yet another DE with the title..freakish athlete

Jamaal Anderson DE 6'5 288 Arkansas Jr. 4.75

By: Robert Davis

Anderson is a former wide receiver that made a smooth transition to defensive end. As a freshman reserve, he was in on 18 tackles. As a sophomore, he was in the rotation, and started the last five games of the year after an injury, and he has taken off from that point. He had 47 tackles, 10.5 for loss, and four sacks that season. Anderson blew up as a junior, finishing with 65 tackles, 19.5 for loss, and 13.5 sacks.

Jamaal Anderson is an absolute freak physically. Not only is he an excellent athlete, with great quickness and agility, but he has great size as well. He is a difference maker off the edge as a pass rusher. He dominated as a junior, and still has a ton of untapped potential. He could be an all around force at the next level.

Anderson is still adjusting to playing in the trenches, and is still a work in progress. He has been able to get by on his tremendous physical ability, but he will not be able to rely on that alone in the NFL. He declared after his junior year, only having about a season and a half of starting experience under his belt.

Anderson has the size and talent that will draw comparisons to Mario Williams and Julius Peppers, and he carries a great deal of upside at the next level. He had a solid showing in the post season, but probably not enough to overtake Gaines Adams as the top end in the draft. His upside is amazing, and he could make teams that do not select him regret it in the future.

Last paragraph is errie...and Coples has less stats...in the ACC.

*I do however think that Coples will be slightly better that Gaines Adams....for obvious reasons....

Jamarcus and Cam were never comparable btw.....

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That's like comparing Leaf to Manning....anyone could be a bust. Coples shows more of a drive than Harvey ever did. Plus this is Rivera coaching.

Check out his youtube footage. The guy clearly is nonchalant on a ton of different plays. Whether the play was a run or pass, to his side or to the opposite side..it didn't matter..he just didn't care.

And Jacksonville had Jack Del Rio..a very intense defensive coach..so coaching can only go so far to motivate someone. You either have the heart or you don't. When have you ever seen a guy have zero heart in college then suddenly have fire and determination in the pros? It doesn't happen.

I'm a tarheel fan, for the record, but if you don't have a work ethic and determination i wouldn't want you on the team.

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Just draft J.Clowney. from South Carolina in two years. Rumor has it he wants to play on the same team as Cam and would sign well under value.

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"hey guys i'm going to find the biggest busts in recent memory with similar specs to coples brb"

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JaMarcus Russell - 6'6 260 lb

Cam Newton - 6'5 250 lb

hmm.. I think you might be onto something, op.

and one can make plays and one couldn't. No comparison.

Coples is very comparable to Harvey and Jamaal Anderson.

The point of the comparison is just to show that the lack of work ethic and determination is a big deal..

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

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