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Thanks For The Police State Republicans

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The Republicans are no saints when it comes to taking our rights away, but honestly, Barack Obama has done more to strip our rights away that even GWB did.

I'm telling you people, wake up. They are not going to stop until we have nothing left.

Barack Obama signed legislation to put us all into FEMA camps under Marshal Law if we try to impede their plans. They saw the people revolting in the Middle East, and passed that law in the middle of the night, yet our "main-stream media" fails repeatedly to warn us of our government's plans of a Dictatorship.

We are running out of time to act folks.

you know what martial law is right?

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Yes, it is where the government "suspends" all of our rights, and treats us like prisoners for "our own safety".

It wont be for our safety though, it will be used to keep our government in power after we citizens decide that we want them gone.

yea, it's not a new thing. the government has always had that ability. combining it with "FEMA CAMPS" doesn't change anything.

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Please explain i

Where in the constitution does it give you a "right" to buy Sudafed? It does not.

This is a common misunderstanding based on flawed logic. Does the constitution outline our right to breathe air? No, of course not. The constitution does not give you your rights. Everyone's rights are inherent to them, as it is the constitution's job to protect your natural born rights of free will...not determine them. People should be able to do whatever it is they wish to do as long as it does not impose on someone else's free-will and/or well-being. The cop in this situation is a good representation of tyranny and micro-managed life systems...its almost like we are no more than cattle to the powers that be, herding us in whichever direction is most beneficial to them.

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