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Bobcats Rebrand Update Thread (Real Charlotte Fans-Censorship Free Edition)

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Jordan's just "another black guy" now since he hasnt changed the name yet. He served his purpose, which was replacing Bob. They giving him that same Bob Johnson "the black owner is a bumbling idiot" treatment now. Screw Jordan, Cho is the savior! Then they go to the Panther forum and blow Hurney and JR as geniuses. Nevermind Panthers been outta the playoffs longer than the Bobs and have been a losing team much longer. LMAO.

Pay attention Cam Newton! This will be you in a year or so if we continue to struggle. It'll be like last year never happened. They will throw you under the bus too homie. There is no loyalty here, unless you're a local white guy.

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CCS- the latest is that NBA Deputy Commish Adam Silver was in town last Thursday to meet with Michael Jordan.

Silver was here to discuss with MJ, among other things bringing back the Hornets name to Charlotte. Silver said changing New Orleans name and bringing back the Hornets name to Charlotte could be a "win-win" for both cities.

Silver also said it would not take as long as some are predicting to rebrand Charlotte into the Hornets because the NBA already owned all the rights.

Looks like it's going to happen. The question is when- not if

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The Bobcats have not commented publicly or shown any interest in a name change.

The NO Hornets since not being able to retain the Jazz name havent spoken publicly about rebranding. Their players and fans are moving on as the Hornets.

end of story.

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just like the Civil War right? Hate is your only culture. Hold on to that grudge hick.

So now you're putting down my culture and my race?

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No, Im telling you, Charlotte is for white people only and should only be repped by such. Blacks have never done nothing for this city. Thats why its such a crime our team could be named after a rich black person who paid for it. The African American Cultural Center should be rebranded into a Hornets Nest Rebellion Museum. MLK Blvd should be rebranded into Bull Connor Blvd. Then it'll truly feel like ours. Teach your kids to hold a grudge with blacks when they make gains in society. Teach them thats their demise and not a benefit to our community. Teach them all the things black people own or create really belongs to them. It is their manifest destiny!

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