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Carolina Ranked 10 In Toughest Schedule This Season (Espn)

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How in the hell did you extrapolate anything you just said from what I posted??? I didn't post anything about their schedule. I did point to the fact that there is blatant favortism shown to them throughout the season.

There are so many examples of this that I wouldnt waste my time even entertaining a request for examples. Any causual football fan knows that they are shown favoritism, and thats what I was getting at. How you could insult my intelligence by asking if i knew how the schedules are made was ridiculous!

well it was mainly because this was said:

How in the hell did the Patriots end up with the weakest schedule? .453 opposing winning %

to which you immediately replied this:

I'm convinced that Robert Kraft is blowing Roger... ...bottom line is I think that there is something behind the scenes going on with the Pats' organization, and the NFL; any other fan of any other team (except for Pats fans) always agree with me.

you might know the mechanics of schedule formation but your assertion in a thread about the schedule that the patriots somehow get unfair advantages is a clue that maybe you don't quite get it as well as you think you do (especially when you made a point of adamantly agreeing with a guy who took this exact position.)

you need to frame your arguments better if you're going to get all offended when people cite them how they see them. half a dozen people busted you on the same thing so maybe you should analyze your own posts to see if they're coming out how you want them to instead of railing the multitudes who disagree with them.

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The biggest factor in your strength of schedule is your own record. More specifically your division record. When you go 0-6 in the division you've just made your 6 division games "tougher". When you go 6-0 those divisional opponents record goes down. If you actually look at the number your own record can wildly swing your rank within the league.

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