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Whats Up With All This Cam Slump Garbage?

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It is amazing that Cam threw for 4k last year, especially with him being a rookie and the Panthers historically relying on the running game. It seems like last year we could have let Cam sit back a lot more and let double trouble do most of the work, but we didn't. My theory: Coaches wanted to see what he had. Rely more on his arm than the running game, and give him a chance to show what he can do. He stepped up to the challenge, and delivered.

This year though, I think since we still have double trouble AND Tolbert, that the running game will be featured much more. This can result in Cam not throwing for 4k, but what does that matter. I expect Cam to tone down the interceptions, make smart decisions, and keep making plays. It may not be as flashy as last year, but in the end all that matters is winning anyway.

OR, he just goes crazy and puts up 5500 and 55 total TD's. Unlikely, but hell, skies the limit here. Sophomore slump be damned.

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