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My Final Mock (What I Think Will Happen If No Trades)

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Round 1: Quenton Coples DE/DT. Panthers take the most ability at a position of need. Coples will play both DE and DT, depending on matchup and gameplan. Versatile guy, and most NFL ready defensive end against both the pass and the run.

Round 2: Amini Silatolu OT/OG. We have our first WTF moment of the draft. This guy is big, nasty, and been compared to Larry Allen in potential. He will line up day 1 at either LG or RG and can give us an improvement at backup RT if/when Otah goes down again.

Round 4: Sean Spence LB. People are probably still clamoring for a corner, but fact is, right here Spence would be a value pick and we need depth at linebacker. He will slip due to size, and can back up both MLB and WLB while bulking up.

Round 5: Chase Minnifield CB. Yes, he will slip. He is a potential type of CB, not a day 1 starter. Will add depth on special teams and challenge for the 4th corner spot.

Round 6: Devon Wylie WR. Our new punt returner, and developmental project

Round 6: Donnie Fletcher CB. Another potential type of prospect. Flashes good ball skills and playmaking ability, and will compete for a roster spot.

Round 7: Drew Butler P. Punter for the next 10-15 years.

I think we want to build the trenches early in the draft and supplement the other positions. Not necessarily a bad thing, but might piss some people off (what else is new, it happens every year).

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Great Mock .

Silatolu is a fuggin beast, but I think we'll pass on him.

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