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Take heart righties, there was a Republican in the White House recently!

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    • So what you work for is not yours.? Really? You don't work for money? Just out of the goodness of your little Socialist heart. You are swell guy. I am sure you have volunteered to give everything you have worked for away. The stats are from sow we call the the Federal Government. You know, the one the taxpayers feed. Yep, what i work for is mine. You didn't earn it, I did.
    • Cam Newton had the franchise OT, clutch TE, and WR needed to succeed from 2011 to 2013 in the passing game. The problem is over the past 3 seasons when Cam has developed into an MVP candidate. Cam has been without a franchise OT and a starting WR that can catch more than 50% of the passes thrown to them. The closest he came to a dependable WR the past 3 seasons was Jerricho Cotchery, which in my opinion was just enough to get Cam enough of a passing game to lead the offense to the highest scoring offense in the league. Relying on one dependable player to compliment Cam in the passing game with Greg Olsen is not going to help the running game, the run option threat Cam needs to loosen up the defense, or the dependability of the passing game to convert 1st downs. Cam needs a franchise LT to trust against speed rushers and a receiver who can catch more than 60% of his targets - preferably in the slot. In 2015, Cam had the luck of a schedule void of premier speed rushers and Cotchery to lean on come 2nd/3rd and long. When will the front office seriously address these key offensive issues? I know people do not care for Shula, but Shula is not even one of the top 3 reasons for offensive inefficiency.
    • So you also believe David has a higher ceiling than OJ? To each his own. They caught just around the same amount of balls and had similar production this past year. One a safety net and the other a third a fourth option. I like Njoku a lot just think Howard is a step above at this premature stage of their professional careers as a prospect.