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Powdered cocain users and crack users to get equal time

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Yep. Allowed a friend of mine to stay at my place while I was at camp one year. His wife had just kicked him out and he needed a break and I gave him one. He wouldn't answer his phone one Sunday and on a hunch I drove home to check it out. He had barricaded the door and was smoking crack in my bathroom.

Crackheads are bad, bad news. It's like once that urge hits they will do anything for that quick high.

A friend who had a problem with it told me that the crack gave a much more intense rush and that it was easier to get addicted to. Fortunately, he was able to eventually overcome and lead a decent life, but it took him a while.

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aren't bankers in enough trouble? Leave em alone!


Gottaclosemoredeals, man!! Gottaclosemoredeals!

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