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Five Reasons To Be Optmistic About Carolina In 2012

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most bleacherreport articles are more well-written, sourced, and complete than the vast majority of OPs on here. i don't know why they get the auto-hate they do

Not to speak for anyone else, but for me, their format is the problem.

The information can be great, but if you have to click through a 10 page slideshow to read a half-page of information, it just isn't worth it.

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Beat me to it.

"Chick picks to go all dark horse on us"

That sounds pretty dirty. A 15 year old boy must've written that.

..obviously the guy was trying to use the word chic but had no idea how it was spelled. Apparently there is no editing at BR. I do not auto-hate BR. They do some pretty decent work there as far as presentation goes and staying on top of things. Lots of these home grown sites fade over time and have front pages with severely dated material. Hate it or not, there is no denying that the BR guys are working pretty hard to put something substantial out there.

But chick instead of chic? That is pretty bad.

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the bleacher report is located in the same building where i get my hair did, ive thought about dropping them off a stink bomb or a resume each time i go there.

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