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LOL, ok? Really JT? Why would I even give you the satisfaction man? I don't care about rep and I sure as hell don't care enough to make another account just to get under your skin. Any mod and Zod can tell you I'm not SN03 or was I involved with the massive Ass raping they did to you.

I will admit I was getting a kick out of it because you took this way to seriously. You care too much about Internet rep and that's sad man. What happened to you? You used to be cool, now you're just a rep *****, you live off that. SN03 told me what you did, emailing Zod so much bitching about rep and how he was harassing you. The dude only retaliated because you were an ass hole to him first. It's true what he said, you neg repped anyone that was new and didn't agree with you.

Emailing Zod so much? I sent him a message only two times.

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You've been bamboozled by a troll.

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