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How 'Huddle Old School' are you?

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Black    2,107

Been here a long time, no idea what that is.

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Davidson Deac II    4,364

I remember when I first started posting here, there was some guy (ClayJ or something like that) who went on this long diatribe about how he was mad at the huddle crowd and wasn't going to post here any more). I remember thinking wow, interesting place. :)

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NanceUSMC    609

Y'all need to ask Mush about the stump.


Waaaaaaay back in, oh, maybe 2004 (?) somehow or another (Mush, Zod, Kurb, Skew, Cooter may have to help me out some) we secured this stump at one of our tailgates... If I remember correctly, we had to pat the stump for good luck, and ended up on a nice winning streak, so the stump became a tailgate staple for good luck... Somebody would bring it to every tailgate, and make sure it got home safely... After a while, 'The Stump' (as it came to be known) became a Huddle (tailgate and message board) legend (for those of us who are superstitious, of course)... Well, after I moved to Texas, I assumed 'The Stump' was lost to the ages, but after coming home to visit the folks this weekend, I discovered it in one of my father's flower beds... After finding it, I had to snap a photo of it and see just who remembered...

Oh, and of course I patted it for luck...

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