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Sheldon Adelson: "No price is too high!"

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 02:57 AM

i don't actually believe romney will win but the accelerationist in me is hoping for it

I think he will. For every person on the street that I meet that likes Obama, I meet 10 that despise him.

as far as acceleration, yea, I think that if people are not awoken already, they will start to see that the Republicans in general, do not have the best interests of the average citizen in mind... IE, the 99%. Wait til they get a load of the austerity that he is going to want to shove down our throats... not to mention that he wants to be Israel's puppet and start a war with Iran, which is a very bad idea.

As far as Obama... I just think that the man is incapable. It is a hard job, and with all the crazy poo in the world right now, I just dont think that he is equipped to handle it. As a result of that, he id taking the advice of people that are harming our country. I honestly believe that I would make a better president then either of the two men, and I am only 31 years old.

They both believe that the economy that we have can be saved, while I think that we, metaphorically speaking, need to find the biggest tree in New York, and string up the people on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve that are destroying this country. I would prosecute the corrupt bankers, and war profiteers, and Nationalize the Federal Reserve.

The way I see it, they have stolen their last dollar from the blood and sweat of the American people, and we dont owe them a motherfuging thing. To Hell with the national debt. At the end of the day, all it is is imaginary numbers on a computer screen. (Literally. Research "Fractional Reserve Lending"... where the Federal reserve loaned out money that they didnt have [printed it], and them made a fortune off of interest payments. It is literally the largest pyramid scheme in world history.)