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Your opinion: The worst way to die

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My take:

Imagine you were thrown into a room, any size, and it was impossible to leave the room.

The room has no windows, no restroom, no water, and no food. It is literally four walls, a ceiling, and a floor.

Imagine you are left there to die.

I cannot think of anything more excruciating. Sure, you could have needles in your eyes, your finger and toenails ripped off, a heated coat hanger up your peehole etc....but at least you would know you were going to die sometime. At least the pain would kill you or give you some hint of a clue of how long you would last. At least you would have some kind of rest knowing you were dead and the torture was over.

Just think, being in a room alone in perfect health until you widdled up and died would be absolute torture. Being buried alive would be a less inhumane. At least if you were buried alive, you would know that you were fugged. At least you would know that the oxygen was running out, and it was only a matter of time.

Being in a room alone would give no indication of how much time you had to suffer. Illusions would eventually eat into your mind. You would think you had escaped, and then realized that it was your imagination, that what you experienced was nothing more than a desperate daydream to relieve you of your entrapment. You may even think that you had died, and the misery was over...but then you realize that that was a dream too.

Imagine knowing you are starving, and dehydrated, laying in a pathetic fetal position and waiting for the moment of truth to come...but it doesn't. Instead you stare at the same four walls and the same ceiling, with no idea of how much time you have spent in the room staring at them.

Imagine being stuck in this room, reflecting on your life and all of the people that may miss you and all of the things you wish you had done. At least being stabbed to death you would only have the pain to focus on...no regrets of anxiety.

If you can think of a worse death, please share.....if a wrote a book with this as the main theme, would you read it?

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Guest Irv

locked in an empty vault which i told my khaleesi was full of treasure

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Dear OP, you can't live long at all without water. You'd be dead pretty quickly and you'd know it.

I vote for: smothered in honey as fire ants swarm you, while having your balls hammered with nails, while having your teeth ripped out one by one, while having your dick slowly sawed with a rusty knife, while having your eyes squirted with salt water, while having very loud high pitched tones played in your ears 24/7 via headphones, while being fed year-old tuna and forced to eat it, while having spears poked into your kidneys, while having a karate master kick your face over and over, while having lava slowly drip onto your head from an IV drip, while having rats nibble at your fingers and toes, while having nasty stagnant creek water poured down your throat, while having the movie Oliver played 24/7 in front of you... in reverse, while having piss from AIDS patients squirted into your mouth, while having Queen Latifa smear her wet vagina juice onto your tongue, while having your ribs kicked via a donkey, while having slugs inserted into your asshole, while having ticks placed all over your body, while having your underwear set afire, while having violin strings strangle you, while having warts from lepers chopped up and fed to you, while having the X-Men's Wolverine shove his claws up your piss hole, while having young 18 yo strippers call you a ***, while having Zoro's sword shoved in your ear as far as it will go... all of this while hanging upside down from your dick from the top of the Empire St building out on a gerter, with flames being shot on the sole of yoru feet from a blowtorch, and the Saints* Super Bowl played for you in super slo-mo 24/7 on a giant TV screen in front of you.

That'd suck hard.

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Chainsaw beheading. I saw that video the other day. It was excruciating to watch. I don't know why the fug I did in the first place.

Some say drowning is a fuged up way to die as well. Since your lungs fill up with water, you can't get any air. You're trying to gasp for air and no matter how hard you try. All you get is water. Your mind must be racing. Your thoughts? Who knows. It must be very screwed up.

Anything slow and painful must be the worst way to die.

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You just described my stepdads death basically. Died of cancer after it spread to his stomach and intestines. He was able to drink water but died of starvation since he was unable to eat. Worst thing I've ever seen.

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Speared by frozen urine that was dumped from an airplane urinal.

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