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Anybody else watch this the last few days. Hard to judge much if anything from 7-on-7 competitions, but I find it interesting anyway. Some really great prospects at this camp, and some prospects who were rated highly that looked awful. If you watched who stood out to you?

The good

1. Max Browne: Was in command of the huddle for his 7-on-7 team, threw some absolute pinpoint passes hitting receivers right in the numbers. Made the best decisions out of any of the quarterbacks, with minimal mistakes.

2. Jalen Ramsey: This kid is an absolute freak! Has great size and length for corner, and can run with the best WR's in the nation. Has absolutely dominated the camp circut the last few months, and I would be SHOCKED if he's not a five star by the end of the Summer. Set to announce on July 16, and it looks like he's USC's to lose. Really excited to hopefully see this ballhawk in the Cardinal and Gold next year.

The Bad

1. Tyrone Swoopes: Good God this kid looked terrible. Just never got in a rhythm, and always looked slower in his reads then the pocket passers at the camp. I know 7-on-7's are hard for dual threat guys, but unfortunately to play QB at the next level you have to throw the ball acurately, and right now he cant do that.

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    • And to think this guy made it through 7 rounds and not one team wanted him.  Thank God Gettleman was on his "A" game and signed him here. Amazing how talent can bypass so many scouts, coaches and GMs. If they did a redraft.   What round would he go to?  Round 1?  He's a solid of a Guard as any in this league.
    • you do realize that $1M pledge he made was after he had received a ton of backlash and outcry from the media for sitting during the national anthem? He did hold his promise and has made some other donations as well, but before he decided to sit at football games, he didn't do jack poo for oppressed communities and the homeless, or any other charities for that matter. He was just a narcissist prima dona who so happened to play for one of the most talented teams in the NFL headed by one of the greatest coaches in the NFL. Him prospering early on in his career made him a cocky SOB who dressed like a thug during press conferences and treated the media like dog poo.  Yes people change, but he changed for the wrong reasons. His career was in turmoil, he was a declining NFL QB trying to stay relevant, so he thought up a rouge to get back in the spotlight by sitting. After he received backlash, he thought to himself "oh crap, I need to back up my words with some action. let me make a few donations to show the world I truly care about what I stand for"  the dude could give a rats ass about any of that poo. He didn't even show up to vote, and I don't think he's ever voted in his life. And I don't care about voting for the president, but at least vote for your local officials and congressman and for your states propositions. If he truly wants to have a voice and use the stage he has to inflict some serious changes in this country, there's a way to go about it, not seek attention for the wrong reasons just to resurrect your career.  
    • I love Moton. The only thing that freaks me out about him is that he played for a small school. I do think he could've flourished for a big time program though.