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Anybody else watch this the last few days. Hard to judge much if anything from 7-on-7 competitions, but I find it interesting anyway. Some really great prospects at this camp, and some prospects who were rated highly that looked awful. If you watched who stood out to you?

The good

1. Max Browne: Was in command of the huddle for his 7-on-7 team, threw some absolute pinpoint passes hitting receivers right in the numbers. Made the best decisions out of any of the quarterbacks, with minimal mistakes.

2. Jalen Ramsey: This kid is an absolute freak! Has great size and length for corner, and can run with the best WR's in the nation. Has absolutely dominated the camp circut the last few months, and I would be SHOCKED if he's not a five star by the end of the Summer. Set to announce on July 16, and it looks like he's USC's to lose. Really excited to hopefully see this ballhawk in the Cardinal and Gold next year.

The Bad

1. Tyrone Swoopes: Good God this kid looked terrible. Just never got in a rhythm, and always looked slower in his reads then the pocket passers at the camp. I know 7-on-7's are hard for dual threat guys, but unfortunately to play QB at the next level you have to throw the ball acurately, and right now he cant do that.

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    • I honestly thought this was going to be a McCaffery thread. 
    • I would give anything to have 23 year old Jonathan Stewart on our Roster.. as years have gone by, I feel his potential has been wasted behind DeAngelo Williams, who in his own right was a beast for us in his prime..    As we wait eagerly and impatiently for our pick, let us remember and appreciate the beast that stewart was..( still is) ..   He was so explosive..  bouncy...  flexible.. powerful.. fast...      BEAST...  I became a fan in 2003 because I won a panther football in 1st grade at the end of that year for good behavior and learning my 1st grade stuff.. the following year..  I watched them in the Super Bowl in 2004... became a fan,, in my childhood, i grew and grew on them.. it solidified in 2008 when i watched double trouble GAPE the Bucs Live.. my first Panthers game.. what a night to solidify my fandom.. i received monday night tickets as a gift for getting all A's my 8th grade year...   since, ive seen a Panther great leave in DeAngelo.... but Stewart remained..   (some deangelo Highlights remain.. its OK, hes a panther great *turned sour*    but non the less)         i had SO MUCH PRIDE in our run game...  every madden i owned i made sure double trouble had their share...   and then there was Stewart.. the young, bouncy, fast guy... he turned tough...  he turned into a vet... a MoFo who will take YOU OUT.. carrying our ROCK along with CAM...     and Then, the best Expirience we have all experienced......    #2015     And i had so much pride, FINALLY.... Stewart was recognized......             A recoil year in 2016...            And I really believe there is a revival in 2017 of double trouble.......    #Fournette   except there isnt a dead roster... we have a Loaded roster, that will WIN...  winning with Cam Newton...  Stewart.. and ....         Let the Carolina GAPING run game live on folks...  I love the PAnthers like all of you... heres to 2017.