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Bobcats in Dwight Howard's Trade Talk.

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Yeah, but I was hoping to at least come out with some kind of consolation prize in all of this mess.

Otherwise, I can't make any sense of our offseason. Some said the Lopez offer was either being used as leverage to get something out of BK in the Dwight trade. That fell apart. Some say we would make the offer to Lopez as a favor for his agent (who is also Hendo's agent) so that Lopez could get all his money guaranteed. We'll see.

But, to this point, nothing has made sense that we've done. If there's more than one team offering Lopez the same deal, we'll be the last on his list. Yet, we offered Dragic a deal and lost out on that as well. Other than these two moves, I don't really get our approach. The Gordon deal made sense, but no FA moves so far.

Dunlap seems high on Kemba, so why go after Dragic? Aside from the favor for his agent, Lopez makes no sense and goes against our stated philosophy as well. But, offering some legit dough to a guy like Hickson makes sense, yet, we haven't heard anything on that front and probably won't get him.

We don't make any value signings and we just pick and choose to go after guys that aren't going to sign with us regardless and are extremely pricey. I don't get what we're doing or what the strategy is behind it. Not unless Cho sees it as a way of mending some bridges that were burned for future moves? Idk, it's just really frustrating.

I think we're just riding out another season for an additional top 4 pick. If they can get a player at what they deem value, they'll probably do it, but I don't think anybody's looking to sign with us unless it's their only way to get playing time or make a roster. The only other way to get guys is to overpay, which the front office doesn't want to do in a season where we aren't going to win anyway. It sucks and it's boring, but it's probably the right move for now.

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Believe it or not, but if we had gotten Lopez and Jamison we might have played our way out of another terrible season. This team needs another top three pick if it wants to be a future 'Thunder'

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Guest Bwood

It's a classic and you're lucky you're still alive or on the map (should I say) to see it. lol

What a morbid ass thought. Only someone from the east coast would say something that stupid lol.

Like I said in another thread when someone used that comeback against me, I'd love to break away from this disaster of a nation and start our own super country.

You should really get off the computer though man and enjoy life, 60 posts in one day?


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