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Huddle League #2 Electric Boogaloo

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Hey Everybody!

Everybody except cultclassiccat, Ken,Building Leaper, KendrickPanther, Irv, TruCatzFan, CatofWar, Ivan The Awesome, Bwood, CarolinaNCSU, Cary Kollins, ARSEN, Panthers90, nickzz, Bullethed527, and BB that is. (The people in the other Fantasy League)

So I wanted to do a fantasy league with my fellow Huddlers, but upon seeing that the first league was full, I thought it'd be a good idea to start up another one. After reading through the other fantasy league thread, here's what I think would be good specifications fo the league.

  • The only requirement for joining is that you update your roster weekly/ stay competitive.
  • 12 people so the draft doesn't get too deep. (If this fills up and still more people want to play, maybe someone could start a 3rd league)
  • Snaking draft order (For Example, with 12 people the 1 spot gets picks, #1 #24 #25 #48 etc)
  • Managed through NFL.com (It's the only one I've ever used but if people want to do ESPN, Yahoo, CBS or something, we can change it)
  • Everyone's fantasy team name must be, or at least include, their Huddle username for clarity.
  • Draft would be around 7 pm Eastern time and sometime between the 3rd and 4th preseason game (Again, we can vote on this once we get everyone in)
  • Randomized draft order

So yeah, if this all sounds cool to you, just reply saying you're in, and we can take it from there.

Edit #2: So the draft order is:

# 1 : OnlyPantherFaninMaine

# 2 : Gallagher

# 3 : pnthrfrk

# 4 : Argus Plexus

# 5 : CarolinaPanthers8789

# 6 : woodcookedbbq

# 7 : ncguy2184

# 8 : Panther53521

# 9 : raleigh-panther

# 10 : Nicbsbll2

# 11 : punkpanther

# 12 : Mr.Jasonluckydog

Skip to the 2:00 mark for the reveal.

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Well I would be in if I understood what was said.

Sorry, formatting issues.

Alright CarolinaPanthers8789 is in.


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I'm in


Add me


lol, you banned the others from joining this league? What the hell?

Lol, not banned necessarily. Just didn't reckon that anyone would want to be in both. Maybe if we really struggle to find 12, I'll open it up to people from your league, but until then it just seems more fair for it to be new people so more people get a chance to play.

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Add raleigh-panther too please. Thanks.


We're halfway there. ncguy2184 PMed me saying he wants to join, but I'll wait to add him until he posts here. Also, I'm guessing stwall and PantherPack will want in from what they posted in the other thread, so really we only need 3 more.

Edit: We're getting close to full so I added ncguy2184 anyway.

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