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Obama 84%

Jill Stein 79%

Gary Johsnon 78%

Romney 18%

But the way they determine whether you agree is a little flimsly. For example, they consider this agreeing:

Should we expand our offshore oil drilling?

Mitt Romney: Yes

Your similar answer: Incentivize the private sector to develop alternative forms of energy

Yeah there's some head scratchers there.

This is a disagreement:

Should the U.S. maintain a presence at the United Nations?

Gary Johnson: Yes, but scale back our current involvement

You: Yes

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I side with logic. We've been voting in dems and reps for 200 years now. When will we learn that we are getting played. People even refer to romney as obama lite. So we know we are getting the same crap as always. Dems play the heart card, and reps play the hard card. But they work as one once the chips are down. if someone makes a living off of politics, don't trust them. Maybe after this election we can finally move on to inds, and libers. thay can't do any worse damage than has already been done. But fire those damn reps and dems and maybe we'll be able to have an actually informed debate without being pitted against each other.

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dunno why, but in this graphic it leaves off Jill Stein and Jimmy McMillan, which were between Paul and Obama...

Yet, with our current system, based on this poll, I have to choose between my 5th and 7th best matches... Two party system is a failure...

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Jill Stein 75%

Gary Johnson 70%

Mitt Romney 67%

Everything else is 66% and lower with Sir Virgil Goode at the wee bottom at 20%

And I'm 68% green party, the remaining 3 all at 66%

Re-justifies how stupid the party system is imho

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