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Jeff Otah traded to the Jets

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Why do I feel like Rex Ryan is about to turn this joker into a pro bowler???

Anybody else have an eerie feeling that he's gonna ball out up there?

Man I hope not.... That would truly be a shame!

Nah man. I feel like a just took a huge dump, which was being held for about a couple of hours and I finally got the chance to get rid of it. I feel so much better. I can do a back flip.

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Agree with most of the recent posts lately... Thus all the pie being thrown around.

We're just gonna have to wait and see. I still believe down in my heart that we could have gotten a solid 4th for him though. Minimum.

This day in age we all want instant gratification, especially with the way technology has evolved... Sadly though, this is one of those instances where time will have to run its course!

I wish Jeff the best up in NY.... But if I happened to come to the Huddle say 3 weeks from now and open a thread saying Otah is down for the season... I'd be lieing if I told you I wouldn't have a huge smile on my face.

I don't wish for anything bad to happen to him, but it sure would make me feel better in a weird way. I'm done ranting... Thanks for reading

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They needed a RT to help with their run game.

Our run game is now not the marquee offense it once was. We needed threat in case Gettis isn't back to form.

Good trade for both teams.

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Wait, are people really going to blame Hurney because Otah couldn't stay healthy? REALLY?

He was an excellent offensive lineman in '08 and '09. Shame he couldn't stay healthy. But it isn't like Hurney picked a scrub. Stuff happens. Otah got hurt. What is Hurney going to do about that?

Amen, can't predict injuries

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