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King Taharqa

Player Of The Day 7/25/12: Jerry West

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Don't change the subject- you know there was never a jersey because the fans demanded a rebrand before the Spirit ever made it out of the gate. They were originally the Charlotte Spirit. The fans went ape poo and Shinn made a good business decision and changed the name.

Unlike you- I don't think about the race of the person I spend my money with. The only time I purposefully spend money with a certain group over another is I try to buy products that are made in the USA. I don't care what color they are- I care that my money is supporting Americans being employed. I will continue to give my $ to Bob & Mike because having a team in Charlotte is way more important than my preference for what they are called.

I give Bob respect as our founder too. I wish Shinn would have sold him the Hornets the first time he tried to own a team in Charlotte. But, I also give him the blame for making horrible decisions that hurt the teams image and the horrible CSET idea that still is the reason the Bobcats have the worst TV rankings in the entire NBA. He is no doubt a smart man and a great business man but, he wasn't a good NBA owner and quit frankly that's his only business that I give a poo about.

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