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You know... I'll probably get flamed into oblivion for this post, but fug it I'm doing it anyways and the chips can lay where they fall...

Looking at our schedule... You can find it here:


I only see two legitimately tough games for us.

Assuming that we can stay healthy... It's possible***** that we can legitimately go 14-2

If the Saints* were at normal strength I'd say 13-3 but they're not.

I really only see losses to Denver and Philly...

Yes... I realize that it may sound crazy to some... And that's because it is... But in a League where anything can happen, we could theoretically go 14-2

This is not any guarentee or a bold prediction on my part so let's make that crystal clear...

Yes I'm a homer, yes I realize we could also go 0-16, 8-8, and so forth but I could see it being realistically possible. Why did I pick those two games as losses? I'll tell you

If there's a QB who can make a secondary look flat out silly it's Payton Manning... While we don't know how he's gonna look or even hold up that long, I am under the assumption that he's the same old Manning until proven otherwise...fair enough?

On to Philly... Andy Reid has NEVER lost a game after a bye week... Not saying that we can't accomplish it, but the odds aren't in our favor. To boot it will be Cams first MNF game... He has a history of playing Big in big time games, but has yet to prove it at this level.

I'm not short changing the Falcons, Cowboys, or Bears... They're good teams and we could easily lose to them, but we can easily win against them as well.

Now I know half of you have stopped reading by now, but for those of you who haven't listen up...

Has TCF finally fallen off his rocker? Maybe... but maybe despite our shortcomings as a team:

DT position, CB situation, uncertainty of returning players due to injury, one could even argue lack of depth at DE position as well... Despite all of that, I believe that this team can win and win THIS year. I know many of you still think that we may be a year or two away, and I'm not necesarily disagreeing with you, because in the end you may be right... but who says that we can't be ahead of schedule? Who says that we can't replicate the success of what the Packers did after they're lackluster season?

I know it's just July... and I'm probably guilty of drinking the spiked Kool-Aid...(Purple flavor, not to be confused with grape) but dad gum it, I believe this year..that we can get what Kalil said we'd get....and if I'm wrong, it wont be the last time.

Unlike Kalil, I'm not making any guarantees... I'm simply challenging all of you to get out of that regular "foxball" mentality. The reality is that we have an extraordinary player leading this team, a solid roster, and great coaching staff... Why rely on conventional wisdom when our team is anything but conventional?? The Annexation of Puerto Rico... in an NFL game.... for a TD!? C'mon man... It's time to start thinking outside of the box ladies and gentlemen, and whether you agree with me or not, this team will move forward. I'm not doing this to get popular here or get pie...in fact you can keep all of that. All I'm saying is why not??

ANYTHING can and will happen to any NFL team this year... why not with this team? Why not now? Who says we need another year? Cam and Rivera are here now... It's no longer "it is what it is", This ain't Foxball...Why not here? Why not now? Why not us? Our players and Coaching staff have ushered in a New Era in Carolina... It's time we alter the way we think as fans, just as our beloved team has!

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Btw... in b4 TCF is crazy, stupid, dumb, ridiculous... TL;DR.... nice jpegs of "wall of texts"... another horrible thread by TCF...

bewbies are however welcome, along with positive atTITudes...<---See what I did there?

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TCF is crazy,stupid,dumb and rediculous


oh ma gerd wall of text

another horrible thread by TCF

TCF = resident optimist and delusional mental patient <3

And now to ninja my way out of this thread .. :ph34r: Smoke bomb :ph34r:

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For someone who claims to get flamed a lot, you do quite a bit of yourself man.

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So much for stepping up your game

Why you no think I funny!?

I asked for this one... At least it's kind of funny, or it can really happen. Then maybe I'll go down in Huddle history... Yeah right!?

I had a good day at work... And I took all of my meds today (that was a joke)

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Phuck, man, stop selling yourself and your team short! Why not put it all on the line? If we can go 14-2, then we can go 19-0.


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