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Darth Biscuit

94th PGA Championship, Kiawah Island, SC Ocean Course

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How bad was it to get to the island? Where did u stay when u were there?

Pretty bad... we stayed in North Charleston near the airport and it generally took us about 45 minutes to an hour to get to the parking lot, wait for the bus, 30 minute bus ride to the bus depot near the clubhouse, then minimum 15 minute walk from there... and I was on #2. #4, #5 and #13, #14 were a solid 30 minute walk from the bus depot.

When we left Thursday and Friday it was worse than that... 30+ minute wait for bus, 30 minute ride, find your car, 1.5 hours to hotel... traffic was much worse in the afternoon leaving.

Which is why we decided to come home yesterday instead of spending 4+ hours commuting to the course and back then have a 3 hour ride home...

Overall there's not really much else they could have done... there's only one way in and out of Kiawah.

My impression of the tournament was much less than that of the Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow... the people that run that tourney have it down... there's no waiting on buses, there's no super long walks, it's much, much better organized and the course is much more friendly to spectators. Kiawah is a mess... hot, sandy, bugs, always windy (and Friday it was a downright gale), alligators, nowhere to sit... not a great place for the players or spectators. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome golf course with great views, but for a tournament like that it's not nearly as good as some of the other courses I've been to.

I was downright shocked that they let people get so close to the gators with no warnings, fences or anything... there were 6' to 8' gators within 5' of people crossing bridges on the course.

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