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My Lastest Auction Draft

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Normally, I try to get one of the top 4 QB's or Newton on the cheap, but Newton got bid up to the same price as Stafford. Worked out well though because I got Eli cheap for $18. Another mistake a made was Cruz went for $22 when I wasn't paying attention. I could of drove the price up to close to 30 or got him cheap. I didn't pay over 30$ for anyone, but that wasn't really a strategy as I like one of the other QB's


Eli Manning 18

Matt Schaub 11


Trent Richardson 29

Micheal Turner 26

Darren Sproles 18

Stevan Ridley 8

Kevin Smith 5


Steve Smith 19

Vincent Jackson 10

Dwayne Bowe 8

Antonio Brown 14

DeSean Jackson 11

Mike Williams 2


Jason Witten 10


49ers 4


David Akers 2

Pretty deep for 12 teams. I didn't want Mike Williams but he was bid on early and I was trying to drive up the price. I could have got a much nicer player as I had five more dollars left at the end.

One guy payed over 50 each for Gronk and Graham and said they count as top receivers. True but still an over investment. He also spent 43 on Julio Jones when he normally goes 20 -30 dollars

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My opinion. That team sucks. No offense intended.

What sucks about it? Not saying I'm going to get the championship because you never know but lets look at what my team has done right, and you can tell me what i did wrong.

All my starters except Witten and Richardson averaged over 10 points a game. All my starters except Richardson who did not play were in the top 10 for their position in scoring last year. I expect Richardson to get over 10 points a game barring injury because someone has to get the yards on the Browns.

No one injury will kill the team. Any injury to my top backs/recievers will be replaced by Bowe in the flex. Or Jackson, and Brown if they get hot.

Only two of my players do not have a 100% ownership rate. Williams 64% and K. Smith 69%. That is a good rate for 10 teams, but 12 teams when garbage gets drafted it is great. Smith had an 11 point average in 8 games last year. Best is having issues, so he could be big, he could be nothing.

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Richardson is a rookie on a bad team

Turner is just about done imo. He feel off even toward the end of last year

Sproles isn't a feature back which would be fine if he was your flex but hes your best back

Ridley is a nobody

Kevin smith I like but think leshoure is better

Steve Smith is awesome

Jackson is good but on a new team that will focus on the run I think

Dwayne bowe has contract disputes and matt cassel

Brown I like

Jackson I really like I think he will have a big year

Williams is worthless but you'll never play him anyway

Defense te and kicker are all good except witten is hurt now

Eli and schaub are average which would be fine with above average running backs.

Once again just my opinion.. I am no fantasy expert so don't let my criticism bother you.

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