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Dean Smith Recommended Coach K for the Team USA Job

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Nice to see the mutual respect between these two, overall I think Duke and Carolina individuals have a respect for each other. It's those awful State fans that make fun of Dean Smith's dementia that couldn't care less about having a mutual respect with either team.

Any who here is an article on Coach K's rise as Team USA's coach, it also mentions who recommended Coach K for the job.

Link: http://espn.go.com/o...h-k-going-style

Colangelo, whose own loose timetable calls for resolving the coaching situation by the start of 2013, said Saturday that he still remembers the meeting back in 2005 in which North Carolina coaching legend Dean Smith, surveying all the various names on Colangelo's blackboard from every segment of the coaching population as a USAB consultant, said there was only one man in the college game who could handle all those NBA millionaires.

"This was [Krzyzewski's] big rival," Colangelo reminded. "That was one of those [unforgettable] moments."

Krzyzewski, to Colangelo, was simply "the right guy at the right time." You'll hear the same thing from the small-ballers who'll be trying to offset Sunday's significant size disadvantage against the Spaniards.

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Panthro    10,017

I agree and am sure individuals who went to duke, state, or unc have a certain respect for each other.

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tarheelpride    40

deep, deep, deep down inside, there may be some semblance of respect. we only hate each other really when football or basketball is going on.

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iamcline    787

I don't think there is anyone on either side who doubts the ability of Coach K. Great coach.

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