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jon beason left off of "Comeback Player of the Year" top ten list on NFL.com

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10) Chad Johnson

9) Terell Suggs

8) Eric Berry

7) Peyton Hillis

6) Jaamal Charles

5) Chris Johnson

4) Randy Moss

3) Terrell Owens

2) Adrian Peterson

1) Peyton Manning

chad fuging johnson? what the fug is he overcoming? being old and sucking as and biting some bitch? congrats chad, if you win it you're an american fuging hero. chris johnson? good job, you overcame being an overrated attitudinal ignoramus and the biggest RB contract in league history. peyton hillis? PEYTON fuging HILLIS?!?!?! yeah peyton sorry bout your hammy-wammy and your goddamn pathetic owwie of a cold that kept you off the field for half the season.

fug you dan hanzus.

i hope to the entire pantheon of deities that beason sees this poo and breaks some fuging faces this season.


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Well since none of those guys have played a single down yet, it's obviously too soon to even talk about but I'll give the award to Thomas Davis. Another invaluable thread of the great carolina huddle dot com. Thank you so much.

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I love how people on here constantly forget that the Panthers are a small-market team.

The media is going to keep forgetting that our team exists. Get over it.

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