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Bengals waive WR Jordan Shipley

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iamhubby1    3,047

What type of money are we talking here? What do you offer a second year player who will be out for a year, or more? By the time he is healthy, Lafell, Gettis, and Pilares will be at the end of their rookie deals.

With Smitty, Lafell we have our two. If Murphy is what he is showing, he is three. Add two spots for Pilares (Until a better KR shows) and Adams (PR), and that is 5.

How many do we keep? I am thinking 6. Who else is ready to flash if given the opportunity? We have a bunch in Camp.

Point being. This is David's third year. It is make or break season for him. Either he can contribute, and be a member of this team. Or he can't, and will not be a member of this team.

Why pay Shipley, wait a year, and hope he can play? He would be a long term investment. That is it. He may never play again. Or he may come back a third year warrior. Who knows?

We still need 1 WR. Wow, I can't believe I said that. If Murphy can play. Whether that is Gettis, or anyone else. Getting playing time will take grit and determination. Cuz we are almost stacked at this position. Whoohooo.

That deserves a GOOOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's the way it is.

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Brokenbad    66

Any reason why they cut him? They lost Jerome Simpson in the offseason, so I would think they aren't as deep at WR and could use him. Makes me wonder about his knee...

I am pretty sure its charachter issues. He has yet to be arrested and is a decent role model, DEF against Bengal's policy!!!

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Why would we want him? Dude's basically another Pilares but white.

Pilares is 5'10.. Shipley is 6ft, hes got very good hands...

Smitty, Lafell, Murphy, Gettis, Shipley, Pilares, Adams.. its possible we

could carry 7 recievers, just carry one less D-lineman. Were already

deep at WR, but that would make us unbelievably deep.. with that said

I don't see us chasing him

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