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I've got madden already, got any questions?

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How long did it take for you to realize that this game is a piece of poo? During which Qtr did you turn the game off when a ball that was inside the ground was ruled a complete pass.. Is the 60 + dollar roster update with NO NCAA DRAFT CLASSES(the only thing that made franchise mode bareable) worth looking at without vomiting? How long did it take for you to notice that everyone runs the exact same way and that momentum is non existant even though they've "featured" it 3 years in a row. How long did it take for the commentary that is still not even close to being good to piss you off and make you mute it? And finally how many times did you exploit the kick return glitch where you return middle , head left or right.. cut to the middle , and then go outside and score every single time?

Not a knock on you btw.. im being dead serious xD

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