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At $622B, Apple becomes all-time most valuable company

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Apple products tend to work flawlessly out of the box, with no hiccups at all. They are straightforward, simple, stylish in appearance, and very user-friendly. There marketing simply pitches the things it does well. For the hundred million moms out there, nothing makes it easier to do a collage of your kids and put it on Facebook easier than an iPad. I bought my lady a sweet laptop Christmas 2010 and it is blazing fast to this day but she hasn't touched it since I got her an iPad. She likes how it is 'always on' and instantly ready to go, the look, the portability, and the ease of use. She's about the least tech-savvy person I know and some of the photos she puts on Instagram look like they've gone through post-production editing.

no wai dude, she obviously bought it because she wants to be one of the cool kids.

just like my 66 year old uncle.

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I love that a technology company and not an oil company has that record.

That being said, I still prefer a Windows PC

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Apple makes a easy to use good looking product.

I'm not gonna pay $200 bucks extra for that though

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