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Scouts Inc. 2012 Player Ratings

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This just came out today on ESPN.com, Scouts Inc. ranked 2500 different players (excluding rookies). They ranked the top 200 players overall by "grade" out of 100, then did positional rankings. #1 overall not surprisingly was Aaron Rodgers who was graded as a 97. Our guys who made the top 200 players in the league:

Steve Smith (#28) Grade: 88

Jordan Gross (#74) Grade: 86

Cam Newton (#85) Grade: 84

Jon Beason (#112) Grade: 83

Ryan Kalil (#141) Grade: 81

Jonathan Stewart (#144) Grade: 81

Charles Johnson (#160) Grade: 80

Chris Gamble (#190) Grade: 80

For positional rankings, grade in parenthesis:

QB: Cam was ranked #11 (84) (just ahead of Ryan and Vick, but behind Cutler, Romo, and Stafford)

RB: Johathan Stewart ranked #14 (81), Deangelo Williams at #17 (79)

(Darren McFadden at #6, and Ryan Mathews at #12??)

FB: No Panthers

WR: Steve Smith ranked #4 (88) (Behind Calvin, Fitz, and Andre). No other Panthers in the top 50.

TE: Greg Olsen ranked #20 (76) (behind Tony Moeaki, Zach Miller, and Brent Celek?!?)

OT: Jordan Gross is #6 (84), recently released Panther Jeff Otah is #34 (76) (lol)

Guard: No Panthers in the top 50

Center: Ryan Kalil is #4 (81)

DE: Charles Johnson at #20 (80) , Greg Hardy at #36 (77) (seems low for CJ, especially given how much better he is than Hardy)

DT: Ron Edwards at #46 (72)

LB: Jon Beason at #17 (83), Thomas Davis at #46 (77), James Anderson at #50 (76) (They are counting 3-4 OLBs as part of this)

CB: Chris Gamble at #19 (80) , no other Panthers (unsurprisingly)

S: Charles Godfrey at #28 (76)

K: Olindo Mare at #32 (49) (LOLOL)

P: No Panthers

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Beason as the #17 LB? sheesh

Yeah they are valuing more of the 3-4 OLBs higher (i.e. Ware, Suggs, Harrison, Clay Matthews, etc)

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Chris gamble is the 19th best corner in the league? Uhhh yea ok...

That one was an eyebrow raiser too....I'd easily put Gamble ahead of Patrick Peterson, Cortland Finnegan, and Brent Grimes (all of who were ranked higher).

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I thought they did right by Cam and Smitty. JStew and DWill are about right as well, especially given their production in a shared backfield. JStew would definitely be higher if he was a primary back (if the increased workload didn't get him injured).

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