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How did Tenn get lucky?

One main reason may be the fact that they have been at it for a while now. They are also an organization that does things by the numbers. So they usually have all their picks. Cannot discount the coaching staff. That tree is growing fast.

True we as a team have been around long enough that one would believe they have a plan. They did, and do. Kinda got away from it for a while there. But, there is no denying we are back on the right track.

Good newz. We are potentially, one very good team as of now. By year three of Rivera, the potential tag will have been ripped the fug off.

Bad newz. Potential means absolutely squat. We very well could struggle this year on the defensive side, I don't see it. So the bad newz is a rather low level concern for me.

I fully expect this team to perform well. Both Offensively, and Defensively. Making our chances for a playoff berth readily within our grasp. Homerz unite!

Rivera has a proven track record. That is the only history I care about!

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    • Then what the fug is the point of serving if you're always constantly going to be punished I know it's not easy to forgive people but what's the point of punishing if there's never going to be a lesson learned if you're constantly punishing people they don't learn their lesson they just learn to be angry and resentful to those who don't forgive them are those who won't let them move on. I say this is a person who's been arrested that charge is not all that is to me. What's the point of even doing time if you're never ever going to be able to learn something and grow from it no matter how heinous the crime. Amen I get it some people are to never be trusted but what the fug I have a people here mad that's crazy.     Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle

    • Oh because trump has shown in the first several months that he was clearly the lesser of two evils........(eye roll).....

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