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Obama and gas

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Despite conspiracy theories to the contrary, the president has no direct impact on the price of oil.

Most people know this, but try explaining it to the people that were screaming that it was all Bush's fault in '08.

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U.S. House Republicans are seeking to cut the budget of the main derivatives regulator and subject a new consumer financial protection agency to additional funding scrutiny in spending plans panned by Democrats.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s fiscal 2013 budget would be cut by $25 million to $180 million, a level about 42 percent below President Barack Obama’s request, as part of a broader spending measure approved by voice vote in the House Appropriations agriculture subcommittee


15% of the average American's fuel cost is going into the pockets of a relatively few, well connected individuals.

Those increased fuel costs significantly affect ever facet of our household's, employer's, state and federal government's ability to balance their budgets.

The power brokers responsible for creating all this havoc in our society are only deserving of their ill gotten gains in the sense that they wield enough political influence to change/block our laws to suit their personal financial objectives.

They lack any true moral foundation or conscience. Conveniently, this allows them plunder our country's wealth to the detriment of America's long term economic health and national security. All without losing a wink of sleep over it.

The Republican controlled HoR, their loyal lapdogs, have recently cut/underfunded the very regulatory agencies tasked with creating/enforcing guidelines intended to reign in this unfettered speculation. The same speculation that tanked our economy just a few years ago.

The HoR's actions clearly demonstrate they do not care about our country's economic well being or the vast majority of Americans that they were elected to represent.

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