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NCCA Investigating Mississippi State

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Mullen criticized ESPN regarding Redmond and said that the defensive back is still practicing with the team.

Quoted portion made my eyes roll. Unbiased reporting ESPN, put that quote in there! ;)

Main reason I posted this though was because of the investigation that took place because they reported Cam Newton to the SEC. Kharma? I'm interested to see what exactly happens. The NCAA has been fairly aggressive about some of these recruiting violations lately.

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    • What part of 0% doesn't make sense to you?  Where does this money tree exist to rain down compensation for these skillsets, good and services?
    • Man, I'm with you, I'm pumped as hell too, buttttt I can't bring myself to make any claims about a rookie being the best at anything in the entire league.  $hit, I hope he turns out to be though!
    • I was always under the impression that team president and GM were completely separate roles.  GM was for everything we all know and love about football as far as on the field product (players, etc.), and team president was more the operational side of the organization as a business, like marketing, ticket prices, what company to use to sell hot dogs in the stadium...stuff like that.  I could be very wrong though.