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Which of you was owned by joe person on twitter

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Proudiddy    9,726

I'm not gonna lie, Person owned him. That is the most personality that Joe has showed, EVER, and it's awesome. "Cave dwellers," "sweet tattoo," "say something else to make your 20 followers dumber."


Person is the king of zingers.

As an aside, I think this is a fine illustration of the cons of the internet. What starts off as a joke (Person reporting everything later than other reporters) turns into a serious issue for retards who want to win some internet cool points from people they'll likely never meet. What an idiot.

I joke about Person but it's the same as I joke about myself or crack on my friends. It's in good fun. And I've always suspected that Joe had a sense of humor about some of the late jokes. It's cool as long as you don't get personal, but that's where these idiots crossed the line.

The man is working for a living and no, he may not always break every piece of news first, but he certainly has reported some that others hadn't caught wind of several times, well before anyone else. So what? How shallow have people gotten? He's tweeted me back several times about news and I appreciate that. Is he a perfect beat writer... No. But, who cares? There's other sources to get the news from if you don't like it. Grow up.

Why you shouldn't be on the computer past 1am... "The most personality Joe has shown, EVER."

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Jai.    23

They tried to gang up on Person and he hit him with a few subtle pot shots!

In all seriousness though, what exactly is accomplished by telling Person he sucks at covering the Panthers? He still receives his paycheck, still gets to go to every game!

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Sam Mills Fan    4,586

The guy tweeting at Joe Person is an immature little prick and is a wannabe reporter like NJPanthersFan or whatever his name was. Joe Person is a terrible reporter that breaks very little and nothing major ever and is consistently one of the slowest reporters out there. Both of these statements are true.

There, is everyone happy now?

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