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Rate my fantasy team

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Just had my draft, curious what you guys think. The league has been going for a few years now, we decided to make it a keeper league for the first time this year, so this draft was the first draft of a keeper league. 10 person league, 5 player bench, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR), TE, DST, K starters.

Was unfortunate enough to get the 1st overall :(


1. Arian Foster. I debated taking Rodgers with this pick, but went with Foster since he's still so young and I figured worst case scenario I could take a chance on Luck later (being a keeper league and all.)

2. CAAAAAAM. Lept for joy when Cam was still available with the last pick of the 2nd round. Keeper league stud.

3. AJ Green. Maybe a little high for him, but building for the future here. The next Randy Moss, without the drama, in my opinion.

4. Jordy Nelson. Was really the BPA at the time, debated taking Sproles or Dez Bryant, but I figured Nelson was safer. Certainly won't repeat last year's production, but should be solid.

5. Ahmad Bradshaw. Was at a loss on this pick. Frank Gore was available, and maybe I shoulda taken him, but he's old and injury prone. Also seriously considered Benjarvus Green-Ellis, but went with the more proven guy with the better O-line.

6. Demaryius Thomas. Young guy, showed lots of promise with The Golden Calf of Bristol throwing him the ball. Now that he has Peyton throwing him the ball he should comparatively be an All Pro heh.

7. Antonio Brown. Another young WR, new contract, Wallace could still get shipped out leaving him the #1 spot. With these last two picks the options were Eric Decker, either of the Eagles WRs (thought hard about Maclin, but he's never overly impressed me), Meacham, Cedric Benson (thought hard about him too), Beanie Wells.

8. Deangelo Williams. Didn't go into the draft planning on drafting a bunch of Panthers players, but Deangelo was the BPA there, really. I saw I was running out of time to fill out my RB stable.

9. Donald Brown. Same as above (these were back to back picks). Brown will be a featured back. Other choices were Michael Bush, Kevin Smith, Daniel Thomas. Thought about Thomas, but he hasn't looked good in any regular season game I've seen him in. Think he might have been overhyped.

10. Justin Blackmon. Pick for the future. He's looked good so far, but he has no one throwing him the ball. High risk-high reward pick in the 10th.

11. Greg Olsen. Only Panther I went into the draft targeting. Good value in the 11th, in my opinion. All the "elite" TEs were gone, I think Greg will at least be knocking on the "elite" door this year. Choices at the time of these last two picks were Mark Ingram, Lance Moore, Titus Young, Rashard Jennings. Thought about the last two in the 10th, but went with the upside of Blackmon.

12. Mikel Leshoure. I think he'll be a stud and a feature back if he gets healthy and stays out of trouble. Big if's, but it's the 12th round.

13. Ravens DST. Second to last round, time for a DST. Good thing about getting #1 overall is that I get my choice of DST out of people who wait for last two rounds for DST/K. They may be getting a bit older and Suggs is out for at least most of the season, but they're still elite.

14. And with the final pick, I took Nate Kaeding. Upper tier fantasy K usually, if he hasn't recovered from his leg injury I can just pick up someone in FA.

I really didn't plan on going so Panther heavy, but that's just kind of where the chips fell. What you guys think?

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You did really well IMO...especially with it being a keeper league.

Wow, really good. I take it, it is a 10 team league. The only pick I didn't like was Williams because if everyone stays healthy it is difficult for him to get enough carries. Got burned on him on two teams last year and decided to avoid them year. Would have taken Smith and pretty much locked up the Lion backfield, maybe even Tate if he was available for some Foster protection. Everyone after Bradshaw was pretty a great pick. Everyone before was solid enough to make some noise.

Hopefully, Olsen works out, but keep a close eye on Cook(probably drafted), Rudolph, Keller. They all could very well be the second receiving option on there teams. And Rudolph could be a goal line beast.

I had 4 teams last year and was targeting Olsen and Graham late. One time someone got Olsen right before I picked, and lucky for me I got Graham. That was the one team that I got the championship with, and I know if I had choose Graham over Olsen on all of them I would have had at least one more. Just wanted to say don't let your Panther knowledge cloud your fantasy knowledge

It shouldn't though because as of right now I think that your team may be better than all the ones that I have.

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Heh, in the same league last year I got Olsen in like the 8th or so and Graham with the 3rd to last pick. Also got Cam a pick or two before Graham (we had 8 player benches last year, much deeper roster). Lost the championship game :(

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Great draft. I personally will never draft Williams or Stewart because the Panthers offense is so spread out, but can't argue with BPA.

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I think its a good one. I dont want to start my own thread so i'll just go here if thats ok. This is what my team looks like. PPR 10 team league slightly modified scoring. By the way I wn my league last year so I got to keep one player (Arian Foster)

1)Matt Forte

2)Jimmy Graham

3)Phillip Rivers

4)Jordy Nelson

5)Brandon Marshall

6)Peyton Manning

7)Trent Richadson

8)Jason Witten

9)Titus Young

10)Texans D

11)Justin Blackmon

12)Mason Crosby

13)Ben Tate

14)Andy Dalton

15)Colby Fleener

16)Arian Foster

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12 team NFL-managed League standard scoring

Tony Romo

Matt Schaub

Frank Gore

Fred Jackson

Michael Turner

Beanie Wells

Jamaal Charles (just picked him up on the waiver wire)

Calvin Johnson

Julio Jones

Steve Johnson

Lance Moore

Greg Oslen

Brandon Pettigrew

Matt Bryant

Cincinnati Defense

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yeah ... I couldnt hit the add button quick enough. The guy dropped Jamaal Charles for Jabar Gaffney.

his other RB's

Ray Rice

Michael Bush

DeAngelo Williams

He must be a Pats fan. He has Gaffney starting over Andre Johnson

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