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A Christian Blog Looks At How Believers Should View Politics

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 05:28 PM

The thing I hate the most is when christians are taught by their churches that they have to vote Republican for some reason.

There is not major differences between the major parties. They both want war and huge bloated government.

The Republicans are just as corrupt as the democrats are.

They lie and tell you that they will challenge Roe vs. Wade, but they never will. If they reversed Roe vs. Wade they would lose half of their voter block, so no, they will never reverse it, they will just make empty promises to you.

Another thing I hate is how people are finally waking us and realizing that the 2 party paradigm is a lie, and that if we want to change our government, we are going to have to try something new and vote for a 3rd party candidate. This terrifies the FEDS because they know that a libertarian will disband most of the unconstitutional federal polica agencies and the Federal taxes, so they use Fox news to try to scare people about Obama so bad that they feel like they have to vote for romney to vote 'ther evil bastard' out.

I an no Obama fan, but I promise you that voting for Romney will be the biggest mistake that America will ever make.
This moron thinks that Russia is our worst enemy, and he is itching to start WW3 for his master Netenyahu. Wake up conservatives befor you destroy our country. Attacking Iran will be the last mistake that America ever makes. The world is looking at America now as tyrants, not as liberators... and they are going to team up on us and destroy us if we dont quit killing innocent people for the sake of Israel.

I wonder if this is what an incoherent political rant looks like before someone goes nuts and shoots a bunch of people.

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 05:39 PM

I wonder if this is what an incoherent political rant looks like before someone goes nuts and shoots a bunch of people.

Don't be like that. Romney's gonna destroy America by declaring war on everyone and stuff.

He's also rich, and no one likes rich people.