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KillerKat    11,453

The OL looks fine when Stewart handles the rock... hows that for logic

You're an idiot if you think Stewart would've done better today with this line.

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CRA    12,286

Not Williams' fault Chud had a horrible gameplan and use of him.

if you line him up in traditional formations and let him take it the outside and pick his spots to cut.....he is one of the best pure runners in rh NFL.

Problem was Chud came out thinking he could be Stewart and that allowed Tampa to pin there ears back and pass rush all game long. The zone read with Williams had the "mesh point" behind the Ts so Williams could take the read to the outside ....Ts get pushed back bc of DEs. tpThat is wht Stewart takes it behind the G/C. Just silly.

Stewart/Cam played college ball on teams last year bc they did it in college and are both built to do so.....people thought Chud was a mastermind. Cam asked for that.

Chud is back to what he was to start LAST season. Questionable too often. Cam/Stewart brought the zone read and made Chud look better than he is

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Ivan The Awesome    7,134

6 carries, minus one yard.

Got flamed for saying he isn't all that a few weeks back. People said "do you watch the Panthers".

All the D-Will fan boys.

Dude is not a threat, whatsoever. He is a scat back. don't care what he did five years ago. He is a touch football player. Any sign of contact and he's on the ground. If Im seeing it I guarantee other NFL teams are.


I will ask you again. Do you ever watch Panthers games? Because if you did, you'd know that DeAngelo always starts off slow...Always. last year he did the same. This year is no different.

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Catalyst    612

The running game is slow to start off every season. Last year it was week 5 before we did anything on the ground and we still finished 3rd in rushing. Every year we get off to a slow start on the ground and every year it's panic mode the first month of the season as a result.

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