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Over reaction Sunday

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Luke was not what the panthers need in the first round. he's a solid run stoper but that didn't even seem to be the case against the bucs. He was man handled through out the game. He looked soft in his tackles and was repeatedly arm tackling. This is the NFL not gonna get it done Luke. Much eould have rather drafted a pass rusher. Amini was abused every time i seen the camera look at him. From holdings to just flat out getting beaten. And to think we passed on steven hill for this....

Frank Alexander played pretty well. He looks like he could be sending hardy to the pine. Josh Norman got beaten every time i seen them throw at him. Not ready to count him out yet though. Joe adams was a mixed bag. he has shown he has good running and play making ability but he seems fumble prone. Nortman had a punt blocked. can't say that it is his fault but it was a key factor in us losing this game.

Overall this this whole game made me sick. Whats worse is we got the Saints* next week who should look better than our nice beat em up game against the bucs.

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