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Photos of the Game

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It was fun being on the sidelines in Tampa despite the result. Got heckled quite a bit for my Panthers hat. Here are some of my favorite photos....


I know how you feel Charles Johnson, I know how you feel


D-Will ran for more lateral yards than vertical. Not good.


Despite what a few knuckleheads on this board are saying, Luke was a bright spot today. Good in coverage, Bucs just made the plays.


Even on his worst day, Cam gets over an 80 QB rating...


Tallest Captain has been in a while...


Sums up the day.


Not a flattering shot for the D. Notice who is still making the play.


A hold away from his first NFL sack.

You can see more photos here...

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Keek came around the corner like a Racecar on the blitz. He has great speed.

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Like I said, Kuech wasn't miraculously out jumped by a midget. Good pass and good catch under tight coverage. He didn't leave his feet nor could he while turning his hips like that.

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